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The first paper Seminar for MQST: Improved shor algorithm


It has been more than thirty years since the first invention of Shor's algorithm. Shor's algorithm can factor a large number composed of two large primes within polynomial time, leading to the decryption of the famous RSA public cryption system. Now, many scientists are till trying to realize shor's algorithm on a real computer.

The photo of Peter Shor, a famous mathematician in MIT

Although many efforts have been made by researchers in search of the next quantum algorithm with exponential speedup, little progress has been made. However, in August, 2023, the famous computer scientist, Oded Regev, a professor in NYU, announce that he has successfully improved the Shor's algorithm. It should be point out the Oded also set the foundation of LWE problem, which is the cornerstone of Post Quantum Cryptosystem based on high dimensional lattice.

Oded Regev, A famous Computer Scientist at NYU

Goal and Plan

In this seminar, we will read the paper published by Oded together, try to understand the motivation of the algorithm, why it is more efficient than the original shor's algorithm.

The seminar is in Friday Morning (10/27 2023) and will take place in Physics and Astronomy department in UCLA. Welcome all of the MQST student to join us!

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