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How to factor 2048 bit RSA integers in 8 hours using 20 million noisy qubits?

Hey guys! In next Wednesday Morning (OCT 8th, 10am-12am), I will hold the second paper reading seminar for All MQST students and other students interested in quantum computing in UCLA.

Last time, we read a theritical paper about improved shor's algorithm by oded regev. In the paper, the author mentioned that whether the improvement will benefic the real implementation of shor's algorithm on an quantum computer is unknown!

In this seminal, we will still focus on the shor's algorithm. But this time, we will get our hand dirty and try to figure what does it really mean to factor a 2048 bit RSA secrete key in reality, by reading the fowllowing paper together:

The authors of the paper are Craig Gidney and Martin Ekerå . I should point out that Craig is an amazing quantum programmer! Quirk is a project that he started since 2014. He is really a master in writing quantum circuit simulation.

Craig Gidney in Google quantum team, an expert in quantum programming

Quirk project webite.

This time, before the seminar, I holp everybody can get your hand dirty by implementing your own Shor's algorithm on your simulator. Everybody shall give a 5 miniutes short presentation on the difficulties he met in the real implementation, the maximum number of integer you can factor on your simulator. After that, we will have a better understanding of the motivation of the paper.

For those who want to join us next Wednesday morning (OCT 8th, 10am-12am), please send me an email. So I can prepare everyone of you a printed paper and enough snack and coffee for you.

My email address is

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